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Surety Bonds

Hand signing a documentOur staff has the industry expertise and surety market appointments to assist with all of your organizations surety bond needs – from license & permit bonds to construction payment & performance bonds.

In its simplest form, bonding is the act of mitigating project risk. It involves (3) parties: the Principal, the Obligee, & the Surety. The Principal is the party required to obtain the payment or performance bond, the Obligee is the party requiring the bond (often a project Owner or GC), and the Surety is the company providing the bond protection to the Obligee.

Being “bondable” can mean the difference between a subcontractor being awarded a multi-million dollar project or losing out on the work. Our Partner team has the knowledge and experience to structure the bonding line your organization needs to successfully bid work.

For more information on obtaining a surety bond please contact us today.